imagineTrains / The Project

Welcome note from the Project Director

14 November 2013

Welcome to the imagineTrains project website. In this project, decision makers, researchers, and others from France, the US, South Africa, India, and China explore the imaginary of the train. You can read more about the general outline of The Project or see how the “Imaginary of the Train among Decisions Makers and Train Users” is studied in France, The United States, China, India, and South Africa. This website also offers the opportunity to read each country’s Project Blog, where the research teams are reporting on the different research phases. You can also access some of the interviews and focus groups that have been conducted, as well as information, images, and videos. Also available are publications, Project Reports and a digital database of images of trains and mobility from different places. Bringing together these diverse resources gives you the opportunity to look at, listen to, watch, and read about the Imaginary of the Train as it manifests in different global and cultural contexts. We invite you to compare and contrast these different perspectives while exploring your own Imaginary of the Train.

Max Bergman