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Update from the Project Manager


13 May 2014

I’m happy to report that the project is well on its way. The French and US team are working on a theoretical frame that adequately represents the concept of the imaginary, as well as ways to capture empirically this imaginary among political decision makers and train users. The challenge here is to find ways to capture the different train systems within a country, the differences between countries, and to make all this comparable to each other – in a transdisciplinary way. The second set of pilot interviews in the US and France are starting in the next few days. Our Indian and South African teams have submitted or are finalizing their proposals, respectively.

We will present parts of the imagineTrain project at the 12th Annual Conference of the International Association for the History of Transport, Traffic Mobility (T2M), entitled “Spinoffs of Mobility.” Representatives of the US, French, and South African teams will be present, as will be members of the FORUM vies mobiles.

For now, the South African project blog has been updated and many more photos have been uploaded on the various country sections. Have a look.


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